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CDC ¨C the "China Special Economic Zone" in the US, the best choice for investing in the US

Mr. James Mitchell, a senior US economist, and Mr. Ngai Keong, a Chinese finance investment expert, realizing the economic and political impact of attracting overseas investors, jointly proposed the "Culturally Designed Communities" and "China Special Economic Zone" concept in 1999. This plan features a new home designed and customized for Chinese investment immigrants in the central and southern regions of the United States. This project can be abbreviated as "CDC". Based on this blueprint, this project is expected to promote economic growth and job opportunities in the local communities and provide Chinese immigration investors optimal living and work environment.

The first batch of CDC project includes 93 companies, among which 24 companies are high-tech enterprises and manufacturers in accordance with the American Standard Industrial Classification. In addition, there are 6 wholesalers, 36 retailers and 27 service companies. The first part of plan, once accomplished, is estimated to generate over US$1.5 billion total sales, create nearly 2,000 jobs with over US$40 million salary payment, contribute over US$16 million company income tax and US$5 million personal income tax, and establish infrastructure in a value of US$136 million. The plan is believed to be a driving force for the overall economic development of the area reflected in an additional US$2.5 billion sales, 3450 jobs, US$67.68 million salary income, and US$8.59 million personal income tax in the surrounding region.

CDC project has received wide supported by related departments of the U.S. government, and by the States of Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

Since 2003, this project has received wide attention and solid support from the American Indian reservations.

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