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Recently, it is reported that some people have been making illegal activities, fraudulently using the name of Baida Finance Group Company Limited and its subsidiaries--Energy&Resources Development Funds of China Co., Limited and China Mining Investment Group (CMIG), as well as impersonating a member of management team of our group in China Mainland, especially in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and so on! Therefore, we hereby make our serious declaration as below:

1. Both Baida Finance (Group) Company Limited and Energy&Resources Development Funds of China Co., Limited, registered in Hong Kong, have been existing with no branches anywhere; China Mining Investment Group (CMIG), has been registered with the head office in Hong Kong and a representative office in Beijing, no more branches anywhere else;

2. The main shareholders and management team of three companies mentioned above consists of following members: Mr. Ngai Keong (the founder, the controlling shareholder & Chairman of board of directors), Liu Hourong, Cheryl Wei, Simon Han, Zhang Xiangling, Liu Zhan, Donald Zhang(Zhang Zhixiong), Edmond Sun( Sun Hongbin), Lv Linfeng, Li Xianmin, Yang Zhengxin, Song Yongjun, Liu Dawei, etc. If any fraudulent use of the name of our company or of the relevant person to our companies is found, welcome to call Ms. Liu (13141253534)and Ms. Ren (13901383505) for check and verification.

It is hereby declared! Thank you for your attention!

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