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Baida Finance Group Co., Ltd.

Baida Finance Group Co., Ltd., established by Mr. Ngai Keong in 1991, is an international financial institution registered in Hong Kong. Mr. Ngai Keong is the founder as well as the controlling shareholder of the company, and now he is serving as the Chairman of the Board.

In 1992, Baida Finance Group Co., Ltd was approved to establish in Beijing as an Overseas Chinese and Foreign Financial Institution by the general headquarters of People¡¯s Bank of China (Central Bank of China).   

Based on her many years¡¯ experience in the business of foreign exchange and industrial investment, Baida Finance Group Co., Ltd has developed into an international financial institution, engaging in multifunctional business, such as international financial investment, project financing, earmarked foundation structuring, financial instruments transaction, equity transaction, acquisition & reorganization and investment banking. Over the years, Baida has developed an extensive network that utilizes her profound connections in different areas of the world such as the Italy, Russia, Peru, Kazakhstan, United States, Germany, Britain, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France, New Zealand, Belgium, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Taiwan and Macao.

baida business scope comprehensive investment services to China¡¯s finance, investment business, mining, energy and resources, and environmental protection sectors. Baida is currently investing in several emerging yet promising industries such as finance, mining, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, cultural industry, bio-technology and etc. Baida has jointly established the Asia-Pacific One Belt and One Road Industry Fund in collaboration with China¡¯s largest media institution-Xinhua News Agency. 

With more than 20 years practices in high-level finance, Baida Finance Group Co., Ltd has established extensive finanacial connection and has accumulated profound operational experience.

Baida Finance Group Co. Ltd

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