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Baida Banking Instrument Trading Center

In financial sector, the banking instrument serves as the most commonly-used tool for currency conversion. As the largest derivative from global currency transaction, the transaction of banking instrument plays an important role in promoting and supporting financial development and economic prosperity within a city, a country or even a district.

Almost all country`s financial development and economic growth are closely connected with the transaction of banking instrument. The world`s earliest clearing house for banking instrument was set up in 1773 in London where finance is the most developed at that time. Later, New York (1853), Paris (1872), Osaka (1878) and Berlin (1887) respectively established their clearing houses one after another. In 1890, Shanghai Monetary Sector Association in China set up the Association of Remittance Business for the first time ever. Since then, the Association of Remittance Business began to conduct instrument exchange and settlement business by agiotaging ¡°Public Bill¡± (a kind of voucher being used to draw money in the process of clearing the bills), which is also the earliest form of instrument clearing in China. On January 10th, 1933, Shanghai Bank Union established the first professional clearing house in China by learning from American clearing house.

With two hundred years of evolution and development, the international banking instrument business has become fully developed and mature. As a credit tool for settlement and payment, all kinds of financial instruments not only simplified settlement procedures of debt and credit, accelerated the flow of commodity, but also saved the cost of commercial transactions. Some clearing houses in European, North American and Asian developed countries have become the most important institutes between central banks and commercial banks, and they have played an extremely important role in banking instrument transaction and settlement. The clearing houses are equipped with completed operation system and rating system, and they have, with high technology, developed graphic system, computer system and big data processing system. Thusly, the instrument handling efficiency has been comprehensively enhanced, the controllability of processing procedures has been increased, the manual labor intensity and cost have been reduced, the flow of funds has been accelerated, and the centralized processing of high-speed and high-volume instrument has been realized, promoting the common clearing houses into comprehensive processing centers. For example, the daily processing volume of each clearing center in Europe ranges from as high as 0.2 million to 2 million pieces; Sydney`s clearing center is equipped with 16 clearing machines with daily processing volume of 1.2 million pieces.

The banking instrument trading center we found will conduct comprehensive transactions of all kinds of international banking instruments, which include BG, all kinds of LC, bank drafts, bonds, deposit receipts, national bonds, bank bonds and company bonds. This center will be a globalized, modernized, electronized and picturized international banking instrument trading center. It will have connection with world`s thousands of banks, financial cliques, large financial companies, instrument centers and all the domestic financial institutions and companies and establish trading relations under normalcy.

This center`s innovation will fulfill the large pattern of China`s security transaction (Shanghai Stock Exchange in the Yangtze River Delta region, Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the Pearl River Delta region, and China (Chengdu) International Banking Instrument Trading Center in the Midwest China), and will reflect the rising of China's internationalization on finance, and will be the best service platform for the ¡°One Belt and One Road¡± project and the internationalization of RMB.

Another great advantage of this center is to fully explore and utilize international financial resources, as well as to independently manage the worldwide covered 22 satellites which could provide a huge international platform for the establishment of China's independent international financial channel and banking instrument exchange network. This center would not only enhance the overall quality of the financial industry in Sichuan, but also could perfect the development pattern of Sichuan's financial industry. What`s more, this center can absorb huge and diversified international capital into Sichuan and Midwest China to provide advanced service platform and play a leading role in international financing. Meanwhile, this center can provide very necessary and timely auxiliary functions for China`s banks` imperfect comprehensive treatment system of international banking instrument.

The concept of this project is created and initiated by Baida Finance Group Co., Ltd.

In recent years, Baida has gradually changed its business focus to banking instrument transactions, and has established good business relations with world`s top 25 banks, especially the banks in Europe. From the practices, Baida has gotten in touch with and learnt the advanced ways of thinking and doing of European banking instrument processing, accumulating extensive connections and instrument resources in international finance, gathering a team of financial professionals and experts, which has laid a firm foundation for Baida to independently establish and develop the banking instrument trading center.

This project is designed to fulfill the following major functions:

1.    To conduct transactions;

2.    To discount instruments;

3.    To conduct settlement;

4.    To provide rating services;

5.    To authenticate instruments;

6.    To provide offshore service;

7.    To issue instruments;

8.    To quote price;

9.    To undertake training;

10. Comprehensive processing.

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