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Asian Gold Fund Co., Ltd (AGFL) is a professional company engaged in gold finance. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Baida Finance (Group) Co., Ltd, it has been approved by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and has been registered in July 28th, 2011 with Registration No.: 1452217. The Board Chairman of Baida Finance Group, Mr. Ngai Keong, will be its Chairman and CEO.

The establishment of AGFL is to make various preparatory works for the launch of Asian Gold Bank, including setting orientation, recruiting shareholders, raising capital, collecting information, embracing talents, establishing connections, developing gold mines and providing financial services etc.

The creative idea of Asian Gold Bank is first initiated by the Board Chairman of Baida Finance Group - Mr. Ngai Keong. So far it is the world’s only independent bank exclusively engaged in gold finance. Asian Gold Bank will mainly focus on gold transaction, gold processing, transaction of golden products, gold debenture, gold storage, gold mortgage, gold instrument, gold securities, gold leasing etc.

Currently AGFL has set up divisions such as: Bank Preparation Office, Gold Investment Department, Gold Wealth Management Center, and Cloud Financial Services Center.

Basic Development & Operation Model 

Investment Highlights:

1. Nature of the Fund: A kind of targeted fund that concentrates on investing in the gold mines development.

2. Types of the Fund: Four types in total: one-year term fund; two-year term fund; three-year term fund; five-year term fund.

3. Forms of the Fund: In forms of currencies (including USD, Euro, RMB and other major currencies in circulation), gold or valid bills and notes issued by world top 25 banks.

4. Subscription Clients: Each international citizen can subscribe the fund.

5. Interest Rate of the Fundone-year term:   10%    (annual return rate); 

                                           two-year term:   11.5% (annual return rate); 

                                           three-year term: 13.5% (annual return rate); 

                                           five-year term:   15%    (annual return rate);

When a one-year term is changed to above-one-year terms before the expiry of 6 months from the date of subscription, the interest will be calculated in accordance with one of the rates for the above-one-year terms. If the changes happen after 6 months from the date of subscription, the interest rate for the first year will be according to the one-year term rate i.e. 10%, and from the second year on, the interest rate for one of the above-one-year terms will apply accordingly.

6. Payment of interest: Basically in cash transfer(same currency with the subscription currency).

7. Investment Target: Exhaustive exploration, exploitation, expansion, reconstruction, acquisition and cooperation of the gold mines which are mainly in Asia and have been trusted to our company.

8. Withdraw Midway: In case investors withdraw their fund for some reasons after one year, the settlement of the interest will subject to the one-year term rate. By this analogy, withdrawing after more than two years or three years, the settlement of the interest will subject to the two-year term or three-year term rate respectively. However, if investors withdraw their fund less than one year, the settlement of the interest will subject to the listed one-year deposit rate in Hong Kong banking sector during the investment period and plus 1.5%.

9. Safety Guarantee: The equity of the targeted gold mines or the buyback of gold exploited from the said gold mines are taken as collaterals.

10. Fund Settlement: To settle the principal and interest in one lump sum when the fund is due. If the extension is required, simplified formalities will be processed to extend the fund. When a one-year term fund is extended for one year more, then the two-year interest rate will apply. When a two-year term fund is extended for one year more, then the three-year term interest rate will apply. By analogy to this, the fund may be extended step by step and enjoy a higher and higher interest rate.

11. This Fund is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

12. AGFL reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions of this content.

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