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Solemn Declaration

Recently, a Wechat ID named Arabia Strategic Investment Alliance has used the profile of our Baida Group in the establishment of financing business with a Dr. Xu. After our inspection, this Alliance has not been registered in any legal jurisdiction, and has used our profile for publicity and promoting activities without our prior permission or authorization. It has not only seriously damaged the reputation and interests of our group, but also seriously deceived investors who are willing to make the investments. Therefore, our legal department hereby solemnly declares as follows:

Our group and all subsidiaries dont have any relationship with this Arabia Strategic Investment Alliance and Dr. Xu. We never authorize or entrust them to promote and work for us. The profile of Baida Finance (Group) Co., Ltd they shared is a kind of illegal use. Our legal department has put forward with seriously warning to them, and here we also remind all investors of being deceived. If necessary, please call or email us directly for check and confirm. Here follows our contact information:

Address: Rooms 408-410, Tower 3, Chang An Mansion, No. 7. Jianguomennei Avenue, Beijing, China. 100005

Tel. No.: +86-010-65171405/+86-010-65171406


Contact: Ms. Ren (Manager), Ms. Miya Wang

We here seriously warn those criminals who illegally use our profile and share it everywhere to immediately stop all illegal activities related to our group including but not limited to using the profile and name of our group. In this regard, our group will reserve the right to investigate all legal responsibilities in accordance with the regulation and law!

It is hereby declared!


Legal Department

Baida Finance (Group) Co., Ltd

February 23, 2022

Baida Finance Group Co. Ltd

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Rooms 406-410, Tower 3, Chang’An Mansion

No. 7. Jianguomennei Avenue, Beijing, China. 100005